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Sexuality, Sexuality Joint Position Statement of AAIDD, with others. Individual rights to sexuality, which is essential to human health and well-being, have, of their sexuality. Position Every person has the right to exercise choices regarding, , regardless of severity, does not, in itself, justify loss of rights related to sexuality. All, . With respect to sexuality, individuals have a right to: Sexual expression and education, reflective
Supporting Adults with IDD to Develop Healthy and Meaningful Relationships
Date: October 3, 2017 Time: 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST Supporting Adults with IDD to Develop Healthy and Meaningful Relationships Content Overview: Meaningful relationships are important in the lives of adults with IDD. Individuals with IDD want education and training. Service providers need to support individuals to enact their rights to sexual health and sexuality. This webinar will present information on what self-advocates want, support strategies, and training
Supporting the Sexual and Social Development of Individuals with Intellectual Disability
disability and conversations around sex and sexuality. Target audience: support staff, direct care, and other issues of sexuality to persons with I/DD. (CIRCLES©® James Stanfield Co.) Resources Walker-Hirsch, L. Ed. The Facts of Life and More. Sexuality and Intimacy for People with Intellectual
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reserved. Celebrate Our Sexuality Male or f emale with sexual organs and social, emotional, is how we express our sexuality 90% of what we teach is social behavior 10% of what we teach is “the f acts” of sexuality Accurate Inf ormation Time and place Mutual Socially, . The Facts of Lif e and More. Sexuality and Intimacy for People with Intellectual Disabilities
Leslie Walker-Hirsch
and responsibilities of healthy expression of sexuality and prevent sexual exploitation, of and contributor to the committee that was charged with developing the information document on Sexuality
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and Health Care Advocacy Across the Lifespan Social Development and Sexuality Across
2016 AAIDD-WI Annual Conference
overview: People with disabilities are often left out of conversations about sexuality or denied access to sexuality education programs. This session will give participants the opportunity to talk about sexuality and disability and learn why it is so important to include people with disabilities in sexuality education. Participants will leave this session with ideas for making sex education
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(AAIDD, The Arc, 2015) Self Determination (AAIDD, The Arc, 2011) Sexuality (AAIDD, The Arc, 2013
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Recreational Specialist Researchers Sexuality Consultants Social Workers Service Providers Self-Advocates
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(OT, SLP, PT), behavior support consultation, case management, respite, sexuality education, on the waiver receive services related to mental health, behavioral concerns, and/or sexuality. 2015 02, in the institutions; ▫ Had (still has) portions that relate to provision of behavioral services and sexuality, was directed to adopt a Sexuality Services Plan to include: ▫ a process for “assessing risk, evaluating,  Not based on one-time or solely static assessments. ▫ MUST INCLUDE SEXUALITY/RELATIONSHIP