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(OT, SLP, PT), behavior support consultation, case management, respite, sexuality education, on the waiver receive services related to mental health, behavioral concerns, and/or sexuality. 2015 02, in the institutions; ▫ Had (still has) portions that relate to provision of behavioral services and sexuality, was directed to adopt a Sexuality Services Plan to include: ▫ a process for “assessing risk, evaluating,  Not based on one-time or solely static assessments. ▫ MUST INCLUDE SEXUALITY/RELATIONSHIP
May 012 - V5N3 Revised
Sexuality Education Webinar 8 Save the Date: Economic Webinar 9 Publication Information, 30, 2012 to mnygren@aaidd.org P A G E 8 V O L U M E 5 , I S S U E 3 Responsible Sexuality Education: Webinar Summary By Kim Wolowiec-Fisher Isn’t sexuality education really just about sex? Well, no, contends Ms. Leslie Walker- Hirsch, IMEd., FAAIDD, an expert in sexuality education, sexuality education difficult to teach. However, having the knowledge to make and sus- tain healthy
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) Self Determination (AAIDD, The Arc, 2018) Sexuality (AAIDD, The Arc, 2013) Spirituality
will be presenting at National Conferences:  NASW: Sexuality Relationships  ANCOR: Google Glass - Technology Supports  CLFE: Proposal - Sexuality  AAIDD: NAMPWD Poster / Sexuality, Disability; Nursing and Supports; Positive Behavior Support; Relationships and Sexuality Committee, Supports refresher course is now complete. The Relationships and Sexuality Committee The Relationships & Sexuality Committee currently has 4 members which consist of 1 behaviorist, 1 QA staff, 1
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, Humanist Action Group, Region V, Sexuality and Social Concerns SIG, Multicultural SIG Wednesday
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on Relationships and Sexuality Alicia-Ann Caesar, Community Access Unlimited; Aisha, Transition for Teens with Spina Bifida Ellen Fremion, MD, Baylor College of Medicine Sexuality
(monologues depicting sexuality within the (Continued from page 1) “No decisions about us, . Financial Report: 4. Activities 2012/2013:  Discussed AAIDD Conference  Report from Sexuality, trainers, we will be able to roll out the refresher course. The Relationships and Sexuality Committee, relationships and sexuality. A draft is due to the committee on September 3, 2013. The committee has, process to collect qualitative data regarding staff’s feeling about the relationship and sexuality
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• Getting a job... The job “I” want. • Dating... Sexuality... • House rules
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practice concerns sexuality and intimate relationships among people with intellectual and developmental
January 012 - V5N2 FINAL1
in the Development of Positive Relationships and Healthy Sexuality January 26, 2012 1:00pm – 2:30pm EST The development of positive social re- lationships and healthy sexuality are critical to people living quality lives. This webinar will focus on the importance of sexuality and sexu- ality, support positive social devel- opment and sexuality for the people they serve. In this webinar, she