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Concurrent C Sessions

Tuesday, June 27, 2017
3:30 - 5:00 pm

Moderator: Kimberly W. Fisher, PhD, Arizona State University

Understanding the Mortality Risk - In Order to Prevent it
Catherine Ivy, Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities
Gwendell Gravitt, Jr., Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities

Predictors of Emergency Room and Hospital Utilization among Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in New York City
Meghan G. Blaskowitz, DrPH, Duquesne University

Prevalence of Health Risk Indicators Among Special Olympics athletes: A Cross-Sectional Look at Healthy Athletes Data
Molly Sadowsky, MPH, Special Olympics
Lindsay Dubois, PhD, Special Olympics
Amy Shellard, MPH, Special Olympics


Moderator: Jean Phelps, MSW, LifeLinks

Animated Questions for Assessing Depressive Symptoms in People with Intellectual Disability
Jia-Wen Guo, PhD, University of Utah
Deborah A. Bilder, MD, University of Utah
Erin Johnson, PhD, University of Utah
Marjorie A. Pett, DSW, University of Utah
Elizabeth M. Cardell, PhD, University of Utah
Lien Fan Shen, PhD, University of Utah
John Matt Jameson, PhD, University of Utah

Improving Health Care for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: It's All About Forging the Right Relationships
Thomas Cheetham, MD, Tennessee Department of IDD
Patti Killingsworth, Tennessee Bureau of TennCare
Jana Dreyzehner, MD, Amerigroup


Moderator: Hilda Trahan, Evergreen Life Services 

Sibling Advocacy: For and With Their Brothers and Sisters With Developmental Disabilities
Catherine Arnold, MS, University of Illinois at Chicago & Sibling Leadership Network
Meghan M. Burke, PhD University of Illinois -Urbana Champaign
Aleksa Owen, MSW, University of Illinois

Supporting Self-Determination: How Siblings Assist Adults With IDD in Making Decisions About Employment and Independent Living
Meghan Burke, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  
Zachary Rossetti, PhD, Boston University
Sarah Hall, PhD, Ashland University

Supporting the Relationships Between People With Disabilities and Their Siblings: An Approach of Importance for the Health and Wellbeing of People With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Ariella Meltzer, PhD, University of New South Wales


Moderator: Mark McManus, PhD, University of Akron

Evidence and Evidence-Based Practices in the Field Of IDD
Robert Schalock, PhD, FAAIDD, Hastings College
Claudia Claes, PhD, University of Gent
Miguel Angel Verdugo, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Salamanca


Moderator: Sharon Gomez, FAAIDD, Evergreen Life Services

Separating Housing from Services: Promoting Independence, Wellness and Personal Satisfaction
Deborah Fisher, PsyD, Deborah Fisher Consultants
Tim Wiens, MSW, Jubilee Association - Maryland
Diane Dressler, Community Life Resources

Moderator:  Elisa Velardo, MMHS, FAAIDD, Connecticut Department of Developmental Services

Exploring Transition in New Jersey: Research into the Experiences of Emerging Adults with IDD & Their Families
Carrie Coffield, PhD, Rutgers University

Youth and Parent Perspectives of an Environment-Focused Problem Solving Intervention to Increase Participation of Transition-Age Youth With Developmental Disabilities
I-Ting Hwang, Boston University
Jessica Kramer, PhD, Boston University
Ann Carrellas, MSW, Wayne State University
Preethy S. Samuel, PhD, Wayne State University  

Moderator: Melissa DiSipio, MSA, FAAIDD, Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care 

Changing Attitudes and Outcomes: Family Employment Awareness Training (FEAT)
Claire Rosenbaum, MMus, Rhode Island College
Paul Lacava, PhD, Rhode Island College
Judith Gross, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Kansas
Grace L. Francis, PhD, George Mason University

Factors that Influence Readiness to Work with People with Disabilities
Gabriela Walker, PhD, University of South Dakota

Promoting Health and Wellbeing through Employment
Mary Kay Cunningham, MSW, Temple University|
Celia Feinstein, MA, Temple University

Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship:  How to make it REAL!
Michelle Ouimette, MBA, Ability Beyond
Linda Rammler, PhD, University of Connecticut

Transitions to Work: Creating Employment for All Abilities
Miriam Heyman, PhD, Ruderman Family Foundation

Becoming Colleagues: Attending to the Health and Well-Being of Your Peer in a Self-Determined Dual-License Teaching Program
Anthony Rodriguez, PhD, Providence College
Jacklyn Brehm, Providence College
Alysha Decrescenzo, Providence College
Vanessa Equitani, Providence College
Shannon McMahon, Providence College
Jamie Metzger, Providence College
Megan Tucker, Providence College

Emergency Planning and Preparedness for People with Disabilities and Access and Functional Needs: Findings from a Survey in Pennsylvania
Kevin Donley MEd, Temple University
Jamie Arasz Prioli, Temple University
Amy Goldman, MS, Temple University
Sally Gould-Taylor, PhD, Temple University

Improving Care for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Development of the Attitude to Action Model
Melissa Desroches, MSN, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Susan Hunter-Revell, PhD, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Supporting parents of children with IDD: An innovative shadowing program offered by students
Elise Milot, PhD, Université Laval
Marie Grandisson, PhD,  Université Laval
Sylvie Tétreault, PhD, Haute École de travail social et de la santé
Myriam Chrétien-Vincent, MSc, Université Laval
Anne-Sophie Allaire, MSc, Université Laval

Training and Coaching in Telepractice: The Process and Procedures for Designing Professional Development Using Technology
Hedda Meadan, PhD, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Melinda Snodgrass, PhD, Hunter College CUNY
Moon Y. Chung, MEd, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Jamie N. Pearson MA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign