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Supports Intensity Scale

The SIS® evaluates practical support requirements of a person with an intellectual disability through a positive and thorough interview process. Read more.

Have you considered SIS for transition planning for students with intellectual disability?

The SIS has all the domains required to successfully identify post-secondary support needs of a student with intellectual disability, mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). Read more.


SIS respondents and the utility of the Supports Intensity Scale according to families and respondents.

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Selecting the right SIS trainers

The selection of internal staff trainer/s is central to a state or organization’s strategy for training interviewers and successfully implementing SIS. These guidelines help you choose the right individuals to become Supports Intensity Scale trainers.

FAQs about SIS

From seeking sample interview forms to questions on conducting a pilot program, here's what your peers are asking about the Supports Intensity Scale.

Tips to enhance a SIS interview

The effectiveness of SIS as a planning tool depends on how well the interview with the client is conducted. AAIDD (Formerly AAMR) SIS trainers have these tips on conducting a winning SIS interview.