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Nominations and Elections

This year, nominations will be sought for 
Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Member-at-large

Each year AAIDD asks its members to nominate individuals for positions of Association leadership. The positions filled each year include the Vice President, and one member-at-large. In some years, the Secretary-Treasurer is elected for a term of 3 years.

The Board meets face-to-face twice a year and has conference calls on a monthly basis.


Vice President: (term: total of 4 years) Nominations Sought Annually
The Vice President serves as primary liaison between the professional entities of the association and the Board of Directors, and serves as a signatory on AAIDD financial accounts.   The Vice President serves for one year in each of the following roles: Vice President, President-Elect, President and Past President.  ALL candidates must be Fellows of the Association.

Member-at-large: (term: 4 years) Nominations Sought Annually
At-large board members have the following specific responsibilities: Attending all meetings of the board and committee(s) to which assigned, preparing for and actively participating in discussions at board and committee meetings, following through promptly on any assignments, and supporting committee recommendations before the full board. Candidates must be members of the Association.

Secretary-Treasurer: (term: 3 years) Nominations Sought every 3 years.
The Secretary-Treasurer will oversee the records of the board, including meeting minutes, the investment portfolio, and any historical documents.  The Secretary-Treasurer will oversee—but not directly manage—the financial records of the Association.  When required, the Secretary-Treasurer will sign notes, contracts, and other official agreements on behalf of the Association at the direction of the board.  Candidates must be members of the Association.

Questions about the nominations process? please read our Nominations and Elections Fact Sheet (doc 40 KB)

The nomination process for the year 2016 is now closed

Please submit questions to Maria at