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Senior Director, Clinical Services (Babcock Center)

Company: Babcock Center
Location: South Carolina

General Purpose

Under the supervision of the President/CEO the Sr. Director, Clinical Services coordinates, manages, and supervises the implementation of medical/nursing services for all programs.  This role provides direct supervision to the R.N. Managers of Health Care Services and Waiver Nurses, supervises the functions of the Records Department and Behavioral Support Services, and provides supervision to auxiliary staff members in areas related to health care.

The Senior Director, Clinical Services is an exempt position reporting directly to the President.


  • Knowledge of Federal, State, and/or facility regulations pertaining to the medical/nursing aspects of an Intermediate Care Facility.
  • Adhere to and implement Federal, State, and/or facility regulations governing intermediate care facility programs.
  • Promote and evaluate the quality of nursing care provided to all supported persons.
  • Assure that licensed and non-licensed personnel possess the nursing knowledge to perform their duties.
  • Ascertain and ensure suitability of new admission candidates for ICF program
  • Coordinate and implement waiver nursing aspects of residential programs.
  • Schedule administrative call for clinical services.


  • Formulate nursing policies and procedures.
  • Provide continuous consultation as needed to R.N. Managers and LPNs serving as Health Care Services Supervisors, and LPNs assigned to monitor CTHs, SLPs, and Day Programs.
  • Provide for in-service training, new employee orientation, and nursing education for professional and non-professional staff in health care areas.
  • Participate in pre-admission evaluation of supported persons regarding the nursing services needed and the capability of the facility to supply the needed services.
  • Participate in the development of programs for new admissions.
  • Provide for periodic re-evaluation of the quality and type of health care services and programs offered.
  • Facilitate and implement referrals to appropriate community resources when needed.
  • Supervise the recruitment and hiring of all nursing staff.
  • Ensure nursing participation in program formulation for supported persons in the areas of hygiene, sex education, family living and health related items as needed.
  • Initiate and maintain measures to prevent and control communicable diseases and infections.
  • Provide for supervision and involvement in the modification of nursing care plans.
  • Supervise the formulation of the medical/nursing plan of care of each supported person annually (Habilitation Plan).Ensure that plan is reviewed and revised as necessary.
  • Provide for nursing oversight of medical aspects of care in community training homes and day programs.
  • Participate in Psychotropic Drug Review, and the Human Rights Committee.
  • Assist consultant and provider pharmacists in providing quality pharmaceutical services.
  • Respond to emergency calls on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.
  • Coordinate ordering and procurement of medical supplies.
  • Work in conjunction with medical professionals (i.e. Physical Therapist, Speech/Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Dietician and Physicians to provide optimum health services).
  • Ensure that admissions, transfers and discharges of residents are done in such a manner as to provide for continuity of care and adherence to all State and Federal regulations.
  • Evaluate performance of nursing personnel directly supervised.
  • Review and revise job descriptions periodically.
  • Review and/or revise Nursing Procedure Manual at least annually.
  • Participate in the review and revision of the Pharmaceutical Service Manual.
  • Provide input into development and maintenance of hospital, medical, dental and professional contracts.
  • Represent the nursing services in professional and community activities, i.e. coordination of services with outside health agencies.
  • Review complaints and grievances within nursing department and in consultation with the Human Resources Director, report to the President/CEO as appropriate.
  • Develop & analyze trended Accidents & Injuries and Medication Errors and report data to the Risk Management Committee.
  • Promote effective working conditions and relationships with residential directors, other disciplines, volunteers, and agencies affiliated with the residential divisions of Babcock Center.
  • Facilitate committee meetings related to health care of individuals supported, (i.e. clinical services, accident & injury, etc.).
  • Perform other related duties as directed by the President/CEO.



  • Completion of a four (4) year Baccalaureate program in Nursing. Masters preferred.
  • Two (2) years supervisor experience.
  • Two (2) years experience in intellectual disabilities or other related field.
  • Current RN licensure with the South Carolina State Board of Nursing.

Typical Physical Demands:

Sitting, standing, bending, stooping, and reaching. Frequent lifting. Manual dexterity sufficient to operate standard office machines. Normal range of hearing and vision.

Typical Mental Demands:

Must be able to multi-task and deal with stress associated with fast-paced work environment. Formulate decisions and act upon them. Adapt to changing work situations. Grasp and apply new ideas. Communicate with various personalities at all levels. Maintain confidentiality of all sensitive information.

Working Conditions:

Works in a typical office setting. Often called upon to work hours in excess of 40 hours in a given work week in order to meet deadlines. Travel to other Babcock Center facilities maybe required.

Hazards/Potential Hazards:

Cleaning chemicals, ergonomic hazards: (i.e. static posture, repetitive motions), trip hazards such as file drawers, electrical wires, and video display terminals.

Interested Applicants can apply online at:

For questions, please contact Audrey Coogler, Director of Human Resources, acoogler@babcockcenter.org