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Editor, AJIDD (AAIDD peer-reviewed journal)

Company: AAIDD
Location: remote

The American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD), the oldest and largest interdisciplinary organization of professionals concerned with intellectual and developmental disabilities, seeks applicants for the position of Editor of its peer-reviewed journal, American Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AJIDD), for a term of four years beginning in January 2019.


AJIDD is published bimonthly (6 issues annually) by AAIDD. First published in 1896, AJIDD is among the top-ranked, peer-reviewed journals in the biological, behavioral, and educational sciences. AJIDD publishes the highest-quality, original contributions to the literature on intellectual disability, its causes, treatment, and prevention.

AJIDD is distinguished from the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), AAIDD’s peer-reviewed journal that reports new teaching approaches, program developments, administrative tools, program evaluation, service utilization studies, community surveys, public policy issues, training and case studies, and current research in intellectual and related developmental disabilities. AJIDD is also distinguished from Inclusion, AAIDD’s peer-reviewed journal that provides a multidisciplinary forum for the presentation and discussion of evidence-based interventions and strategies that promote the full inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in society.

Qualifications and Responsibilities

The key qualifications for the position of Editor are an established record of scholarship, strong peer-reviewed publications history in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities, managerial skills necessary to oversee the editorial cycle and meet deadlines—including the skills necessary to adhere to an established journal publication schedule—and the ability to attract and retain respected experts to serve on an editorial advisory board and as consulting editors. In addition, applicants must be a member of the Association, and if selected, must remain a member in good standing throughout their term.

The major responsibilities of the Editor of AJIDD include:

  • Overseeing the peer review of approximately 100 manuscripts per year;
  • Soliciting high-quality manuscripts from potential authors, deciding which manuscripts to publish, and assisting authors to revise and improve  their manuscripts in order to be accepted for  publication;
  • Selecting a sufficient pool of competent reviewers to provide thorough, timely, and equitable peer reviews of manuscripts;
  • Identifying and appointing qualified members to an editorial advisory board; and
  • Providing a clear vision for the direction of the journal.
  • Ensure that the journal has a sufficient volume of good-quality manuscript submissions to ensure the timely publication of 6 issues per year, with 5-6 articles per issue. 

Applicants must have clear employer or institutional support for this activity for the duration of their appointment, including release time and general office support. AAIDD does not pay for office space or release time, but can provide basic financial support for the AJIDD Editor, which may include funds for clerical assistance, office supplies, postage, and telephone beyond what will be provided by the Editor’s home institution. Since the support offered by different institutions varies widely, applicants are encouraged to verify with their employer the extent of this support, in order to have a viable application.

Application Process

Interested individuals should prepare and submit an application packet by via email. The application packet must include:

  • A Letter of Application that describes your qualifications for the role of Editor of AJIDD, such as past experience as an editor or member of an editorial team, history of scholarship in the field, and demonstrated capacity to manage deadlines and to attract and retain contributors to projects.
  • A Vision Statement that provides a clear description of your vision for AJIDD under your leadership. Set forth your goals and plans for the content of the Journal, with an assessment of the current strengths, weaknesses, or gaps that you plan to address and how you will operationalize your plan.
  • A specific plan for increasing the volume of submissions to the journal.
  • A Vita or Resume that accurately portrays your experience, including positions held and list of publications, indicates your current affiliations, and lists your current contact information.
  • Evidence of Institutional Support, which may be a letter of support or other documentation from your employer that describes the level of support (release time and general office support) available should you be selected for the position.

Applications will be reviewed by the Search Committee immediately after the submission deadline. The selected candidate will be expected to disclose any potential conflicts of interest prior to appointment and annually thereafter throughout his or her term of service. Interviews will be conducted by phone and the selectee will be announced at AAIDD’s annual conference in June 2018 in St. Louis.

Applications will be accepted via email only. Send application packets to Margaret Nygren, EdD, Executive Director, at mnygren@aaidd.org by January 8, 2018.