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Director of Program Services

Company: Jubilee Association of Maryland
Location: Kensington, MD
Jubilee Association of Maryland is a leader at the county, state and national levels in providing innovative community residential services to 138 adults who have intellectual and other developmental disabilities in over 70 locations throughout Montgomery County. We provide supports for people to live in small group homes, in their own apartments, in houses that they own themselves, and we provide in-home supports to people who live with their parents. We serve 25 people who live in eleven homes and apartments owned by the following partner agencies; The Housing Opportunities Commission, Rosaria Communities, and Montgomery Housing Partnership.

We invest in the people we serve, the people we employ, and our two Boards of Directors. A new strategic priority is to do a better job of measuring outcomes for the work that we do, and using those outcome measurements to improve the quality of the work that we do. We invest heavily in recruiting, selecting, onboarding , training and supporting our 260 employees. This has resulted in very low turnover and vacancy rates and a mission-driven workforce. A strong Jubilee Association Board vigorously engages in generative, strategic and fiduciary governance work. The Jubilee Foundation Board does fundraising and public relations, and raised a record amount of money in FY16. Services are provided in Montgomery County, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC.

POSITION: Director of Program Services

The Director of Program Services provides leadership and oversees services for all of the people served by the Jubilee Association. He or she supervises eight Program Managers, each of whom supervises a team of 15-25 staff supporting 10-15 individuals. The Director of Program Services reports directly to the Executive Director.

Some primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1) Supervise the Program Managers. Identify and provide coaching, feedback, performance evaluation and development as needed. Meet with Program Managers individually and as a team, build a strong team of Program Managers and help each of them build their own teams.

2) Provide agency wide leadership for programmatic related issues, serve as part of the Management and Directors Teams, and work closely with Program Support Services and Human Resources.

3) Oversee the implementation of the Individual Plans, the staffing of all services, the monitoring of program budgets and the monitoring of quality via the supervision of Program Managers

4) Promote the culture, values and mission of Jubilee and build new services
and programs using Jubilee's strategic anchors.

5) Work collaboratively with Jubilee partners including families, housing partners, DDA and other community groups. Represent Jubilee on MACS Committees and on other outside committees and task forces.

This is a nonexempt position requiring 40 or more hours weekly. The actual schedule is
flexible but must involve weekly contact with persons served and their staff and families; this necessitates some evening or weekend work. The Director of Program Services will also be called at home to respond to emergency situations and will act as the backup for Program Managers who are on-call.

o Starting annualized salary negotiable
o Health Insurance effective the first of the month after hire
o Paid disability and life insurance
o Two weeks paid annual leave the first year; three weeks the second.
o Up to one week sick leave the first year; two weeks the second
o Paid holidays
o Two retirement plans
o Longevity incentives including vacation reimbursement
o A variety of ongoing staff development and educational opportunities

Bachelor's Degree in a human services area of study, 6-8 years supervisory experience in a closely-related setting; Master's Degree in a human service area of study and a minimum of 4 years supervisory experience in a community-based residential setting.

Apply online at http://www.jubileemd.org/work-with-us/

AVAILABLE: August, 2017