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• Getting a job... The job “I” want. • Dating... Sexuality... • House rules
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concerns sexuality and intimate relationships among people with intellectual and developmental
January 012 - V5N2 FINAL1
in the Development of Positive Relationships and Healthy Sexuality January 26, 2012 1:00pm – 2:30pm EST The development of positive social re- lationships and healthy sexuality are critical to people living quality lives. This webinar will focus on the importance of sexuality and sexu- ality, support positive social devel- opment and sexuality for the people they serve. In this webinar, she
Social Inclusion of People with IDD
. (2014). Conceptualization of romantic love among adults with Downs syndrome. Sexuality
2010 Member Spotlight
for students Why Intellectual Disability: I took a course in my undergraduate program on sexuality
Atlanta final program
sessions includes clinical, judgment and liability issues related to sexuality; ethics, , and socialization/sexuality education. See page __ for more information. Welcome Reception Tuesday Evening, , PhD Room: Atlanta 3–Level One SPECIAL THEME SESSION 10:45 am–12:15 pm Sexuality: Clinical, expressions of sexuality is still unclear. This panel will address procedures for establishing
SEXUALITY Sex and Relationships: Voices of Adults with IDD Rhonda Black, EdD, University of Hawaii, Boundaries and Relationships: The How and Why of Teaching Sexuality to Children, Teens
about sexuality for children and adoles- cents with autism spectrum disorders. Her other studies explore the impact of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome on women’s sexuality and key familial, social, and sexuality. She is a board member of Services for the Underserved and has held positions
. Other important diagnoses, such as post -traumatic stress disorders and sexuality and gender
2018 prospectus
 Residental Program Operators  Self Advocates/Family Members  Sexuality Consultants