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Diagnostic Adaptive Behavior Scale User's Manual

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    8.5 x 11
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    Marc J. Tassé, Robert L. Schalock, Giulia Balboni, Henry (Hank) Bersani, Jr., Sharon A. Borthwick-Duffy, Scott Spreat, David Thissen, Keith F. Widaman, and Dalun Zhang

The Diagnostic Adaptive Behavior Scale (DABS) is now available. The DABS is an instrument for assessing the adaptive behavior of people between the ages of 4 and 21 for the purpose of determining whether the person meets the second criterion for a diagnosis of intellectual disability (ID). The second criterion is a significant limitation in adaptive behavior as expressed in conceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills. The DABS is a norm-referenced instrument that uses data obtained from an interview with a respondent who knows the person very well.

This product is the user’s manual for the DABS and includes a sample copy of the interview form. Bundle packs of interview forms are also available in the bookstore.

The DABS has a number of unique features that support its precision, accuracy, validity, and credibility in making a diagnosis of ID, including:

  • Measures some aspects of adaptive behavior that are not currently measured by other standardized instruments, including naiveté, gullibility, and technology-based skills.
  • Designed using item response theory (IRT) and reliably measure individual performance levels across the continuum of adaptive skills and ages.
  • Provides precise information to assist users in determining significant limitations in adaptive behavior.
Because the DABS relies on IRT, it cannot be scored by hand, and requires a specially developed computer program for scoring. AAIDD’s online scoring platform for the DABS can be easily used for a nominal fee, and it provides reports for each assessment scored. The scoring platform is available through A complimentary, single-use voucher code for the scoring platform is included with the purchase of each manual.
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