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Concurrent A Sessions

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
10:45 am - 12:15 pm


Addressing Disability and Spirituality in Cultural Competence and Diversity Training
William Gaventa, MDiv, FAAIDD, Consultant

Self-Determination: Considerations for Direct Support Professions in Offering Supports and services That Reflect the Spirituality and Culture Desires and Needs of Persons Supported
Neil Cudney, DMin, Christian Horizons

From Longing to Belonging: Beyond Inclusion to Person-Centered Participation in Faith Community Life
Shelly Christensen, MA, FAAIDD, Inclusion Innovations/Jewish Leadership Institute on Disabilities and Inclusion
Deborah Fisher, PsyD, Deborah Fisher Consulting


Being Friends: Children's Perspectives on their Relationships with Classmates with Complex Communication Needs
Elizabeth Biggs, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Melinda R. Snodgrass, PhD, Hunter College, CUNY

Embedded Sensory Integration Activities for Mind and Body: Harnessing the Diversity Within the Room to Increase Access and Inclusion
Anthony Rodriguez, PhD, Providence College
Jacklyn Brehm, Providence College
Alysha Decrescenzo, Providence College
Reed Fraser, Providence College    
Shannon McMahon, Providence College
Jamie Metzger, Providence College
Thomas O'Connor, Providence College
Megan Tucker, Providence College  


Narratives of Autism and Skilled Employment: Implications for Research and Service Delivery Regarding Intersectional Diversity and Inclusion in Professional Settings
Dora Raymaker, PhD, Portland State University 
Katherine McDonald, PhD, Syracuse University
Alannah Mitchell, Portland State University

Creating a Successful Partnership between Lorain County Community College and Project SEARCH
John Crooks, PhD, Lorain County Community College
April Fuentes, Lorain County Community College

Perceptions and Suggestions of the Coworkers of Individuals with Intellectual Disability on Work Life within the Context of Supported Employment
Tahir Mete Artar, MS, Anadolu University
Atilla Cavkaytar, PhD, Anadolu University


How Does Cultural and Economic Privilege Influence Disability Labeling in Special Education Programs?
Irina Cain, PhD, Brandeis University

Which Challenging Behaviors Really Matter for Successful Inclusive Education?
Sunwoo Shin, Oakland University    
Myung-Sook Koh, EdD, Eastern Michigan University

Social Skill and Self-advocacy Goals: An IEP Study
K. Alisa Lowrey, PhD, University of Southern Mississippi
Greg Smith, PhD, University of Southern Mississippi


Open Forum: The 12th Edition of The AAIDD T&C Manual: Overview and Input
Robert L. Schalock, PhD, FAAIDD, Schalock & Associates
Ruth Luckasson, JD, FAAIDD, University of New Mexico
Marc J. Tassé, PhD, FAAIDD, The Ohio State University

The 12th edition of the AAIDD T & C Manual entitled, Intellectual Disability: Definition, Diagnosis, Classification, and Systems of Supports, will be published in 2020-2021. The purposes of this Open Forum are to provide an overview of the 12th edition, including the rationale for the integrated approach used in its development, and request input from the membership regarding Practice Guidelines for defining, diagnosing, classifying, and planning supports.


The Components of a Mental Health Assessment: The Roles of the Service Coordinator and the Mental Health Clinician
Robert Fletcher, DSW, FAAIDD, NADD

Supporting Individuals with IDD and Mental Health Issues

Jill Hinton, PhD, University of New Hampshire
Joan Beasley, PhD. University of New Hampshire



Aging and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities - A Changing Landscape
Sherry Neal, HRS, Inc.

Advance Care Planning for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A State-by-State Content Analysis of Person-Centered Service Plans
Jacqueline McGinley, MSW, University at Buffalo
Christina Marsack, PhD, Eastern Michigan University
Heather Church,MA, Western University 
Victoria Knoke, MSW, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Exploring Retirement Among Individuals with IDD in 32 States
Julie Kramme, MA, University of Minnesota
Roger Stancliffe, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Sydney
Kelly Nye-Lengerman, PhD, University of Minnesota

Exceptional Lives: Unique Online Disability Platform Using Health Literacy Principles to Connect Diverse Communities to the Support They Need
Julie McIsaac, PhD, Exceptional Lives

Health Literacy Principles Increase Access for Diverse Audiences
Julie McIsaac, PhD, Exceptional Lives

Voices from Real Users: How Exceptional Lives Helped our Family
Julie McIsaac, PhD, Exceptional Lives

The Developmental Disability Health Initiative: A Multi Sector Effort to Improve Health and Wellness Outcomes for People with Developmental Disabilities in Missouri   
George Gotto, PhD, University of Missouri Kansas City
Amanda George, MA, EITAS--Developmental Disability Services of Jackson County
Karen Wallace, MS, Missouri Department of Health And Senior Services  
Christina Miller, MA, University of Missouri Kansas City
Bonnie Branson, PhD, University of Missouri Kansas City

The Role of Transition Reviews Into an Inclusive Community
Melissa DiSipio, MSA, FAAIDD, Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care

Utilizing Universal Design to Create Inclusive and Accessible Health Promotion and Education Programs
Lindsey Mullis, MS, University of Kentucky
Megan Jaspersen, MS, University of Kentucky
Elaine Eisenbaum, PhD, University of Kentucky