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Editor: Leonard J. Abbeduto, PhD, University of California-Davis



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Individuals have several options for reading AAIDD journal content.

  • Abstracts are always free!
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  • If you are at a subscribing institution, you can read our journals online through your institution’s proxy server. Simply go to http://aaidd.allenpress.com/aamronline/?request=index-html and click on the journal and article you are interested in.
  • AAIDD's membership structure offers a number of benefit levels.  As such, your choice of membership type determines the journals you receive. For more information please visit the membership section here. If you are having difficulties accessing your electronic subscription, please contact Jason Epstein at jepstein@aaidd.org.
  • If you are not a member nor at a subscribing institution, you can order individual articles using our Pay-Per-View feature, which is shown underneath the title of each journal article. Click on the “Order Article” option.