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Student and Early Career Scholarship Winners 

Congratulations to our Scholarship Winners:

Student & Early Career Interest Network Scholarships
Winner #1: Wei Song, University of Minnesota
Title: Racial/ethnic disparities in postschool outcomes of young adults with IDD

Winner #2: Carli Friedman, PhD, The Council on Quality and Leadership
Title: State Utilization of Direct Support Professionals in Medicaid HCBS Waivers

Direct Support Professionals Interest Network
Winner: John Keesler, MSW, PhD, Indiana University
Title: They care for others, but what about themselves?  Understanding selfcare among DSPs, and its relationship to professional quality of life 

Education Interest Network
Winner: Alison Zagona, University of New Mexico
Title: Facilitating Engagement in Inclusive Classrooms for Students with Extensive Support Needs

Health and Wellness Interest Network
Winner: Heather Hermans, Vita CLS
Title: Opening Doors to Health Care with People with Disabilities:  Implementing Tools For Direct Support Professionals

Psychology Interest Network
Winner #1:Jill Crane, MA, The Ohio State University
Title: Direct support professionals in disability research: Bridging the research-to-practice gap 30 years into the turnover crisis

Winner #2: Stacey Brandjord, MA, University of Minnesota
Title: Needs assessment for individuals with autism who are minimally verbal

Research Interest Network
Winner #1: Jonathan Safer-Lichtenstein, University of Oregon
Title: An Examination of Demographics in Randomized Controlled Trials of Group Social Skills Interventions for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Winner#2: Marisa Fisher, PhD, Michigan State University
Title: More Than Getting By: Understanding How Friendship Impacts Social Inclusion and Prevention of Victimization for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

Region V - Student Scholarships

Winner #1: Sheida Raley, MEd, University of Kansas
Title: The Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction in Inclusive, Secondary Classrooms: Examining the Impact of Implementation Supports on Teacher and Student Outcomes

Winner#2: Calisha Chatter-Fitzhugh, Texas Woman's University
Title: Let's Talk about Sex, Maybe: Sex Education for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Region V DSP Scholarship

Winner #1: Kenneth Taylor

Winner #2: Stephen Whitener

Winner #3: Neisha Jackson

Region V Membership

Winner #1: Sarah Carlson, MS, University of Kansas
Title: An Analysis of States: Pre-Employment Transition Services Policies

Winner #2: Sheida K Raley, MEd, University of Kansas
Title: Comparing the Impact of Online and Paper-and-Pencil Administration of the Self-Determination Inventory: Student Report

Winner #3: Spencer Evans, Texas Christian University
Title: Proposal: Does the media get it right? Exploring media portrayals of the lived experiences of individuals with a developmental disability and their families

Winner #4: Mayumi Hagiwara, MS, University of Kansas
Title: Examining the impact of contextual factors on self-determination of young adults and adults with disabilities 

Winner #5: Calisha Chatter-Fitzhugh, Texas Woman's University
Title: Proposal: Let's Talk about Sex, Maybe: Sex Education for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Winner #6: Kathryn Burke, MEd, University of Kansas
Title: Mapping the Literature on the Essential Characteristics of Self-Determination

Winner #7: Emily Dow, Texas Christian University
Title: Parent-Professional Partnership

Winner #8: Emily Tucker, Oklahoma State University
Title: Promoting health and well-being: Translating research into practice

Winner #9: Sharon Delvisco, Team Dynamics, LLC
Title: Relationships, Sexuality & People with Intellectual Disabilities:  Overview of Collaborative Project in Louisiana to Prevent Abuse & Exploitation