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Student and Early Career Scholarship Winners 

Health and Wellness Interest Network

Winner: Kristina Rios, M.Ed. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Title:  School Experiences, Health, and Well-being of Latina Mothers of Children with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities (IDD): A Systematic Literature Review

Mental Health Services Interest Network

Winner: Mashal Hirani, BScN (Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi)

Title: Sexual Abuse in Children with Intellectual Disability; A Systematic Literature Review 

Psychology Interest Network 

Winner #1: Sarah Glencross, PhD Candidate (University of the Sunshine Coast)

Title: Internet access, skills, and attitudes among people with intellectual disability in Australia


Winner #2: Rebecca Kirchner, MA (The Ohio State University, Nisonger Center)

Title: Disparities in access to mental health services in the Hispanic/Latino population

Research Interest Network 

Winner #1: Jamie Pearson, PhD (North Carolina State University)

Title: Building an Arsenal for Advocacy?: A Parent Training Program for African American Families of Children with Autism 


Winner #2: Allison D'Aguilar, PhD Student, (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Title: Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Empower their Financial Well-Being: A Transformative Mixed Methods Study

Social Work Interest Network

Winner: Robyn Powell, MA JD (Brandeis University)

Title: Best Practices for Training Social Workers about Working with Parents with Intellectual Disabilities and Their Families

Student & Early Career Interest Network

Winner #1: Julie Kramm, MA (Institute for Community Integration)
Title: Exploring retirement among individuals with IDD in 32 states

Winner #2: Dora Raymaker, PhD (Portland State University)
Title: Narratives of Autism and Skilled Employment: Implications for Research and Service Delivery Regarding Intersectional Diversity and Inclusion in Professional Settings.

Technology Interest Network

Winner: Marilyn Gagnon, M.erg. (University of Sherbrooke)

Title: A robot to help diagnose autism spectrum disorder? 


Region V - Student Scholarships 

Winner #1: Christina Gushanas, M.Ed. (Texas A&M University)
Title: Who Belongs in College? Perspectives of Faculty and Students about Inclusive Higher Education for Individuals with IDD

Winner #2: Kathryn M. Burke, M.Ed. (University of Kansas)
Title: A Meta-Analysis of Interventions to Promote Self-Determination for Students with Disabilities 

Region V DSP

            Sylvia Atkins

Region V - Student Membership Scholarships 

Winner #1: Josie Blosser, BS (Oklahoma State University)
Title: REAL Community

Winner #2: Calisha Chatter-Fitzhugh Ed.S. (Texas Woman's University)
Title: Public Safety for Persons with Intellectual Disability in the Community

Winner #3: Tanyathorn Hauwadhanasuk, MA (Saint Louis University)
Title: College Students' Attitudes Toward Inclusion and Social Justice For People with Disabilities in the University

Winner #4: Maggie Jones (Oklahoma State University)
Title: Examination of Factors Contributing to Increased Risk of Nutrition-related Disorders in Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 

Winner #5: YiFan Li, M.Ed. (Texas A&M University)
Title: Effects of a Self-Monitoring Strategy to Increase Classroom Task Completion among Senior High School Students with Moderate Intellectual Disabilities

Winner #6: Sheida K. Raley, M.Ed. (University of Kansas)
Title: Curricula to Teach Skills Associated with Self-Determination: A Review of Existing Research 

Winner #7: Mayumi Hagiwara, PhD Student (University of Kansas)
Title: The Self-Determined Career Development Model: A case study with two sisters with developmental disabilities 

Winner #8: Courtney Wilt (University of Kansas)
Title: Preparing Students for Postsecondary Social Opportunities and Relationships through Effective Peer Mentoring

Winner #9: Kathryn M. Burke, M.Ed. (University of Kansas)
Title: Application within a Large-scale, School-based Research Study