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Concurrent E Sessions

Wednesday June 27, 2018
1:00 - 2:00 pm



Leadership as a Catalyst for Change: How Focusing on Leadership Supports Transformation
Caitlin Bailey, MS, University of Delaware
Steven Eidelman, MBA, MSW, FAAIDD, University of Delaware
Nancy Weiss, MSW, University of Delaware
Cory Gilden, University of Delaware

Transition of the Executive Director—Keeping the Agency Intact
Joanna Pierson, PhD, FAAIDD, The Arc of Frederick County
Matt Morgan, MA, The Arc of Frederick County      



Relationships and Self-Determination: Employment Settings and Guardianship Matter
Derek Nord, PhD, Indiana University
Kristin Hamre, PhD, Indiana University
Louis Magiera, Indiana University

Direct Support Professional Training & Mentoring to Increase Access to Employment for People with Disabilities
Karen Lee, SEEC
Lori Sedlezky, MSW, FAAIDD, SEEC
Steve Blanks, SEEC

Collaboration as an Avenue to Foster Self-Determination
Lucy Lund, PhD, Opportunities for Positive Growth, Inc./Council on Quality and Leadership


Supplementary Aids and Services: The Lynchpin of Inclusive Education
Jennifer Kurth, PhD, University of Kansas
Andrea Ruppar, PhD, University of Wisconsin Madison
Jessica McQueston, University of Wisconsin Madison
Katie McCabe, MS, University of Wisconsin Madison
Russell Johnston, University of Kansas
Samantha Toews, University of Kansas

Voices of Experts in Universal Design for Learning
Aleksandra Hollingshead, EdD, University of Idaho
K. Alisa Lowrey, PhD, University of Southern Mississippi
Kathy Howery, PhD, University of Alberta    

Literacy: The Key to Inclusion and Integration
Thomas Gilbert, MA, NCC Solutions, Inc.   
Monica Gordon-Pershey, EdD, Cleveland State University


Addressing the Workforce Crisis With Statewide Credentialing: Retaining Competent and Committed Direct Support Professionals
Julie Kramme, MA, University of Minnesota
Amy Hewitt, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Minnesota
Barb Kleist, JD, University of Minnesota

The DSP Workforce: Strategies for Improving Stability and Quality
Dorothy Hiersteiner, MPP, Human Services Research Institute
Amy Hewitt, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Minnesota
Renata Ticha, PhD, University of Minnesota


Disability Exclusion and Inclusion in Sport & Recreation
Will Bubenik, Temple University

Inclusion Through Sports and Physical Activities: What are the Options?
Marie Grandisson, Laval University/CIRRIS
Justine Marcotte, Laval University/CIRRIS
Anne-Sophie Allaire, MSc, Laval University/CIRRIS
Elise Milot, PhD, Laval University/CIRRIS
Marie-Eve Lamontagne,PhD, Laval University/CIRRIS

Impact of Special Olympics' Health Strategy on Inclusive Health for People with ID
Lindsay DuBois, PhD, Special Olympics
Molly Sadowsky, MPH, Special Olympics
Amy Shellard, MPH, Special Olympics


National Core Indicators: Lessons Learned About Diversity and Inclusion
James Lemanowicz, Temple University
Celia S. Feinstein, MA, FAAIDD, Temple University
Valerie J. Bradley, MA, FAAIDD, Human Services Research Institute
Stephanie Giordano, MA, Human Services Research Institute
Jennifer L. Jones, PhD, FAAIDD, Oklahoma State University
Kami L. Gallus, PhD, Oklahoma State University
Kacey L. Vierling, MS, Oklahoma State University


Tell me About ID: initiative: Making the Definition of Intellectual Disability Accessible Around the World Chun-Yu Chiu, PhD, National Taiwan Normal University

Approaching Diversity and Inclusion in Research Using Community-based Participatory Research
Betty Geer, DNP, The Resource Exchange
Nichole Guerra, DBA, The Resource Exchange
Lauren Breslin, The Resource Exchange

Creating Communication Through Community: A Theoretical Argument for Community-Based AAC interventions
Katie Goldey, MS, University of Kentucky

Decision-making to Promote Communicative Competence Among Individuals Who Use AAC: A Survey of AAC Experts
Virginia Walker, PhD, Illinois State University
​Melinda R. Snodgrass, PhD, Hunter College, CUNY
Sarah Douglas, PhD, Michigan State University
Yun-Ching Chung, PhD, Illinois State University

Inclusive Peer-Mediated Approaches to Communication Support for Students with AAC Needs Elizabeth Biggs, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Increasing Communication of High School Students with IDD Through Paraprofessional-Delivered Peer Training in Inclusive Classrooms
Yun-Ching Chung, PhD, Illinois State University
Karen H. Douglas PhD, Illinois State University

Supporting Authentic Representation in the Creative and Performing Arts and Diverse Roles within Arts Participation
Lisa Sonneborn, MFA, Temple University
Roger I. Ideishi, JD, Temple University
Nichole Pombier Berger, MA, The New School University

Improving Digital Access and Social Networks Through Digital Citizenship Training: A Pilot Study
Kimberly Fisher, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Inclusion & Safety: Competing Needs in the Technological Age
Keavy Smith, Newton Wellesley Weston Committee for Community Living
Brenda Noel, Newton Wellesley Weston Committee for Community Living
Ashley Boyd, Newton Wellesley Weston Committee for Community Living

Inclusion Through Innovation
Sean Smith, PhD, University of Kansas

Internet Access, Skills, and Attitudes Among People With Intellectual Disability in Australia
Sarah Glencross, University of the Sunshine Coast
Jonathan Mason, PhD, University of the Sunshine Coast
Mary Katsikitis, PhD, University of the Sunshine Coast

Using App Based Instruction to Improve Social Communication and Interaction Skills of Children with Developmental Disabilities
Simeng Li, MA, University of California, Santa Barbara
Mian Wang, PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara