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Concurrent E Sessions

Wednesday June 26, 2019
1:00 - 2:00 pm


E1-Supporting Families of Young Children

Examining Feasibility, Engagement and Therapeutic Factors in Interventions for Parents of Young Children with Developmental Delays
Neilson Chan, MA, Loma Linda University
Hannah Barton, MEd, University of Oregon
Grant Boostrom, Loma Linda University
Megan Krantz, Loma Linda University
Annacecilia McWhirter, MEd, University of Oregon
Hadley McGregor, Loma Linda University
Monica Vejar, University of California, Los Angeles

E2- Implementing School-wide Models to Support Inclusive Education

Unit Co-Planning to Support Inclusive Education
Samantha Gross Toews, MEd, University of Kansas
Jennifer Kurth, PhD, University of Kansas
Elissa Lockman Turner, MA, University of Kansas  

The Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction in Inclusive, Secondary Classrooms: Examining the Impact of Implementation Supports on Teacher and Student Outcomes 
Sheida K. Raley MEd, University of Kansas
Karrie Shogren, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Kansas
Mayumi Hagiwara, MS, University of Kansas

E3-Using PNS Data to Inform Policy Making

Data Projects of National Significance: Informing Policy and Practice Through Research
Amie Lulinski, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Colorado Boulder
Sheryl Larson, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Minnesota
Heidi Eschenbacher, PhD, University of Minnesota 
Jean Winsor, PhD, University of Massachusetts Boston

E4-Implementing Positive Behavioral Supports in Human Services

Using Implementation Science to Expand the Use of Positive Behavior Support in Education and Human Service Settings
Rachel Freeman, PhD, University of Minnesota
Garrett Petrie, MS, Minnesota Department of Special Education
Tim Moore, PhD, University of Minnesota


E5-Increasing Self Determination in Health Care

Values in Long-Term Supports: Identifying Person-Centered Values in Supports of Persons with Epilepsy
Wil Buntinx PhD, FAAIDD, Maastricht University; Buntinx Training & Consultancy
Francis I.Y. Tan, MD, Epilepsy Center Kempenhaeghe 
Albert P. Aldenkamp, PhD, Epilepsy Center Kempenhaeghe; Maastricht University Medical Center   

Social Determinants of Health: Ensuring Value Metrics are Valuable to People with IDD  
Carli Friedman, PhD, CQL-The Council on Quality and Leadership

Changing Healthcare Practices for Youth with Disabilities Receiving Intensive Case Management And Benefits Counseling
Leslie Shaw, Cornell University
Hassan Enayati, PhD, Cornell University

E6- Poster Symposium: Self Determination 

  1. Conceptualizing Choice: How Training Impacts the Perception of Choice for Researchers and Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities  
    Sarah Lankford, Oklahoma State University    
    Maggie M. Jones, Oklahoma State University 
    Jennifer Jones, PhD, FAAIDD, Oklahoma State University 
    Kacey L. Ward, MS, Oklahoma State University 
    Kami Gallus, PhD, Oklahoma State University  

  2. Young Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Financial Skills and Goals: A Mixed Methods Needs Assessment Study
    Allison D'Aguilar, MEd, Virginia Commonwealth University      

  3. Collaborative Knowledge Translation as a Strategy for Community Organizing and Disability Justice: Lessons Learned and Ways Forward  
    Nechama Sammet Moring, MA, Rebel Girl Research Communications     

  4. Examining the Impact of Contextual Factors on Self-Determination of Young Adults and Adults with Disabilities
    Mayumi Hagiwara, MS, University of Kansas
    Karrie Shogren, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Kansas 
    Graham Rifenbark, PhD, University of Kansas  

  5. Self-Advocacy Online: Making Online Information Accessible for All
    John Smith, MSW, University of Minnesota

  6. Evidence Based Practices that Support Person Directed Services and Supports   
    Caitlin Bailey, MS, National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities 
    Nancy Weiss, MS, FAAIDD, National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities 
    Corina Gilden, MS, National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities 
    Steven Eidelman, MSW, MBA, FAAIDD, National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities

  7. Accessible Data: Understanding Visualization Literacy and Graphical Perception of People with IDD
    Emily Shea Tanis, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Colorado Boulder 
    Danielle Albers Szafir, PhD, University of Colorado Boulder    
    Keke Wu, MA, University of Colorado Boulder

  8. Gender Differences in Sexual Knowledge and Sexual Attitudes among Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
    Claire Baniak, MA, Spalding University 
    Autumn Truss, MA, Spalding University

  9. Inclusive Retirement and Active Aging for Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
    Kelly Nye-Lengerman, PhD, University of Minnesota 
    Roger Stancliffe,  PhD, University of Sydney 
    Clifford Poetz, University Of Minnesota 
    Julie Kramme, MA, University of Minnesota

  10. Supporting Young Adults with ASD in Our Community: Preliminary Results from a Community Needs Assessment Examining Current and Needed Supports and Quality of Life
    Rebekah Hudock, PhD, University of Minnesota   
    Amy Esler, PhD, University of Minnesota
    Jennifer Hall-Lande, PhD, University of Minnesota   
    Chimei Lee, PhD, University of Minnesota 
    Carley Matsumoto, MPP, Minnesota Independence College & Communit