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Concurrent D Sessions

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

D1- Becoming a Clinical Legal Expert

Clinical Legal Experts: What Do You Need to Know?
Jim W. Ellis, JD, FAAIDD, University of New Mexico
Ann M. Delpha, JD, University of New Mexico

D2-Promoting Integrated Employment

Promoting Integrated Employment Outcomes for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Karrie Shogren, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Kansas
Kathryn Burke, MEd, University of Kansas
Mark Anderson, MS, University of Kansas
Tyler Hicks, PhD, University of Kansas
Anthony Antosh, EdD, Rhode Island College

D3-Preventing a DSP Crisis

The Direct Support Workforce: No Greater Risk to Quality and Community
Amy Hewitt, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Minnesota
Jerry Smith, MBA, University of Minnesota
Barbara Kleist, JD, FAAIDD, University of Minnesota
Julie Kramme, MA, University of Minnesota

D4-Improving Educational Transitions

Lessons Learned: One Year After Establishment of the Comprehensive Transition Project (CTP)
Sabrina Harris, PhD, Coppin State University
Regina Brown, MEd, Coppin State University
James Stewart, PhD, Coppin State University
Janet Spry, EdD Coppin State University

Data-Driven Technical Assistance to Improve Transition Outcomes for Youth with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Erik Carter, PhD, PhD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Michele Schutz, MEd, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

D5-Measuring the Impact of Medicaid and Other Publicly Funded Supports

Medicaid, SNAP, and Special Education's Role in Ameliorating Economic, Health, and Social Impact of Having a Child with IDD: A National Perspective Individual Paper Presentation 
Derek Nord, PhD, FAAIDD, Indiana University
Kristin Hamre, PhD, Indiana University
John Andresen, MEd, Indiana University 

State Utilization of Direct Support Professionals in Medicaid HCBS Waivers
Carli Friedman, PhD, CQL-The Council on Quality and Leadership

D6-Poster Symposium: Teacher Preparation   

  1. Teaching Evidence-Based Practices to Teachers
    Jennifer Peña, PhD, Mission Achievement and Success Charter School
    Susan Copeland, PhD, FAAIDD, University of New Mexico

  2. Efficient, Effective, and High Leverage Student Teaching: Bringing to Scale Teacher Development for Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose in a Time of Compliance and Directive
    Anthony Rodriguez, PhD, Providence College
    Lauren Barrett, Providence College
    Lauren Coccoluto, Providence College
    Erin D'Aquila, Providence College
    Felicia Lopez, Providence College
    Cassie Pelli, Providence College

  3. Training Preservice Teachers as Advocates Within the Volunteer Advocacy Project
    Joseph Cosgriff, PhD, Lincoln Memorial University

  4. Harnessing our Collective Talents: The Importance of Peer Mentoring Across Cohorts in Teacher Education
    Anthony Rodriguez, PhD, Providence College
    Julia Barry, Providence College
    Julia Miller, Providence College
    Ysabelle Errico, Providence College
    Maura Crowley, Providence College
    Caitlin Rodensky, Providence College
    Adriana Russell, Providence College

  5. The Juxtaposition of Culture Change, Organizational Change, and implementation Science and Sustainable Inclusive Education:The Full Meaning of Context in Inclusive Education
    Deborah Taub, PhD, OTL Education Solutions, LLC
    Diane Ryndak, PhD, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

  6. An Analysis of LRE Placement Decisions
    Jennifer Kurth, PhD, University of Kansas
    Andrea Ruppar, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Samantha Gross Toews, MEd, University of Kansas
    Katie McCabe, MSE, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Jessica McQueston, MSE, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  7. Effect of Telepractice on Training Autism Teachers to Contrive Motivating Operations
    Carin Shearer, University of North Texas
    Smita Shukla Mehta, PhD, University of North Texas

  8. A Needs Assessment of Connecticut Certified Health Teachers Regarding Students Receiving Special Education Services
    Tara Lutz, PhD, MPH, University of Connecticut
    Mary Beth Bruder, PhD, University of Connecticut

  9. Story Matters: The Literacy Narratives of Teachers of Students with Complex Support Needs
    Sharon Head, MA, University of New Mexico

  10. The Perceptions and Goals of Special Education Advocacy Trainees
    Samantha Goldman

    Meghan M. Burke, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Maria P. Mello, PhD, St. John's University
    Samantha Goldman, PhD, Assumption College

  11. Building Bridges Between Students with and Without Intellectual Disability: The Impact of Language and Sport on Promoting School and Community Inclusion
    Holly Jacobs, MA, University of Massachusetts Boston
    Emily Van Gaasbeek, EdM, C University of Massachusetts Boston
    Christian Villenas, PhD, National School Climate Center
    Roy McConkey, PhD, Ulster University

  12. The Impact of a Delay to Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention on Educational Outcomes for a Cohort of Medicaid-Enrolled Children With Autism
    Adele Dimian, PhD, University of Minnesota
    Frank Symons, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Minnesota