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Concurrent A Sessions

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
10:45 am - 12:15 pm

A1-Evaluating and Managing Pain and Stress

Evaluating the Pain and Discomfort Scale to Assess Spasticity-Related Pain in Cerebral Palsy
Alyssa Merbler, University of Minnesota
Chantel Barney, PhD, Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare
Kristin Frenn, MPH, Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare
Breanne Byiers, PhD, University of Minnesota
Frank Symons, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Minnesota

Measuring Stress in Adults with Intellectual Disability: Hormonal Bio-Markers, Self, and Proxy Report
Haleigh Scott, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago

Cortisol Response to Standardized Pain and Sensory Examinations in Rett Syndrome
Breanne Byiers, PhD, University of Minnesota
Alyssa Merbler, University of Minnesota
Kristin Frenn, MPH, Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare
Chantel Barney, PhD, Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare
Frank Symons, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Minnesota

A2-Facilitating Sibling Supports

Future Planning as Reported by Adult Siblings of Individuals with Disabilities 
Ellen Casale, EdS, MEd, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Meghan M. Burke, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Richard C. Urbano, PhD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Catherine K. Arnold, MS, University of Illinois At Chicago
Robert M. Hodapp, PhD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Multiple Perspectives About Family Quality of Life: People with Intellectual Disability, Parents and Siblings
Raquel Alveirinho Correia, PhD, Universidade de Coimbra  
Maria Joo Seabra Santos, PhD, Universidade de Coimbra

A3-Practicing in the Intersectionality of Disability and Culture

Perceptions of Self-Determination for Black Transition-Aged Youth with Intellectual Disability
LaRon Scott, EdD, Virginia Commonwealth University
Colleen Thoma, PhD, FAAIDD, Virginia Commonwealth University
Parthenia Dinora, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University
Dana Yarbrough, PhD., Virginia Commonwealth University
Mauretta Copeland, Virginia Commonwealth University
Katherine Brendli, MAT, Virginia Commonwealth University

Contemporary Intersections of Disability and Immigration in the LatinX Community
Grace Cooper, Temple University
Sally Gould-Taylor, PhD, Temple University

How Practitioners Can Create a Cultural Safe Space: What do we Learn from Studies of Asian Immigrant Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities?
I-Ting Hwang, MS, Boston University 
Jessica Kramer, PhD, University of Florida
Ellen Cohn, ScD, Boston University

A4- Open Forum: Towards an Integrative Approach to Intellectual Disability

Robert Schalock, PhD, FAAIDD, Hastings College (emeritus)
Ruth Luckasson, JD, FAAIDD, University of New Mexico
Marc J. Tassé, PhD, FAAIDD, The Ohio State University

A major emphasis of the upcoming 12th edition of the AAIDD terminology and classification manual will be an integrative approach to ID. An integrative approach to ID combines current knowledge and best practices into a holistic, unified, and systematic perspective that increases understanding and facilitates precise, valid, and effective decisions, recommendations, and actions. An integrative approach to ID reflects the ongoing transformation in understanding human functioning within the field of IDD, including the interrelatedness of limitations in human functioning, human and legal rights of persons with disability, eligibility for services and supports based on significant functional limitations in major life activity areas, and the focus on individualized supports provided within inclusive community-based environments. The Open Forum will request those in attendance to suggest how an integrative approach to ID can be furthered through: (a) the terms and concepts used; (b) the definition, diagnosis, classification, and subgroup classification in ID: and (c) the provision of systems of support to people with ID. 


Living Well Georgia: A Model Demonstration Program to Enhance Quality in Home and Community Services for Adults with IDD - Successes and Challenges to Implementing Evidence Based Practices in Year 1
Carol Britton Laws, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Georgia

Unintended Consequences: When New Policies Impact People with Disabilities in Unexpected Ways 
Kara Ayers, PhD, University of Cincinnati

Rigorous Assessment of Social Validity: A Scoping Review of a 40-year Conversation
Melinda Snodgrass, PhD, Illinois State University
James Kretzer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Elizabeth E. Biggs, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Moon Y. Chung, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Developing a Social Connectedness Measure for People with Disabilities: An Assessment Tool for Organizations Serving People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Xueqin Qian, PhD, University of Minnesota
Nicole Weber, University of Minnesota
Wei Song, University of Minnesota
Matthew Roberts, MA, University of Minnesota 
Renata Ticha, PhD, University of Minnesota
Brian Abery, PhD, University of Minnesota

Researching the use of Advanced ICT for Increasing Self-Determination of People with ID: The INSENSION Project
Michal Kosiedowski, PhD, Poznańskie Centrum Superkomputerowo-Sieciowe
Torsten Kramer, MS, Heidelberg University of Education
Meike Engelhardt, MS, Heidelberg University of Education
Justyna Tyrakowska, PhD, Na Tak Association
Mitja Lustrek, PhD, Jožef Stefan Institute 
Carmen Campomanes Alvarez, Celtic Technology Centre
Joanna Starosta, MBA, Harpo Sp. z.o.o.

The Delicate Balance between Independence and Belonging:Flexibility in Housing Options for People with IDD
Elizabeth Schiltz, JD, University of St. Thomas

Collecting and Using Data to Address DSP Workforce Challenges
Dorothy Hiersteiner, MPP, Human Services Research Institute
Mary Lou Bourne, NASDDDS
Amy Hewitt, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Minnesota

Poverty, Disability, and Tax-Advantaged Savings Account Utilization: A National Appraisal of ABLE Account Programs as We Near the 5-Years Anniversary
Stephen McGarity, PhD, University of Tennessee

Developing Data-Informed Policy Recommendations with Stakeholders
Colleen Kidney, Human Services Research Institute

Jami Petner-Arrey, PhD, Human Services Research Institute
Brittany Taylor, MSSW, Human Services Research Institute 
John Agosta, PhD, Human Services Research Institute

How Friendships Change and Social Exclusion of Youth with IDD
Marisa Fisher, PhD, Michigan State University
Cynde K. Josol, Michigan State University
Katie Cwiakala, Michigan State University
Rachel Welling, Michigan State University
Jessica Douglas, Michigan State University

Aging in an Aging World:Senior Citizens with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Challenges and Solutions
Alanna Hendren, Developmental Disabilities Association

New Directions in Health Surveillance:Data to Inform Policy and Programs at the National and State Levels
Susan M. Havercamp, PhD, FAAIDD, The Ohio State University
Alexandra Bonardi, MHA, FAAIDD, Human Services Research Institute


  1. Making the Community your Classroom: The Importance of Coordinating Instruction in Multiple Settings
    Heather Bish-Martin, EdD, Cape Cod Community College    
  2. A Critical Review of 13 Years of Universal Design for Learning in Postsecondary Education for Students with and Without Disabilities  
    Soonhwa Seok, PhD, Korea University; University of Kansas 
    Boaventura Dacosta, PhD, Solers Research Group    

  3. Developing Youth Leadership Opportunities for Adolescents with Intellectual Disability Through Inclusive School-Based Extracurricular Involvement   
    Emily Van Gaasbeek, EdM, University of Massachusetts Boston 
    Lydia Smith, University of Massachusetts Boston 
    Karen Osborne, University of Massachusetts Boston 
    Holly Jacobs, MA, University of Massachusetts Boston  
    Sara Prescott, Special Olympics North America

  4.  Developing Post-Secondary Inclusive Higher Education Opportunities for Young Adults with IDD at the Intersection of Research and Practice    
    Alia Pustorino, EdD, Duquesne University 
    Meghan Blaskowitz, DrPH, Duquesne University 
    Ann Marie Licata, PhD, Millersville University  

  5. Use of a Person-Centered Planning Approach to Guide Community-Based Vocational Supports for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities    
    Meghan Blaskowitz, DrPH, Duquesne University  
    Abigail Gore, Duquesne University  
    Amy Castagnino, Duquesne University  
    Katrina McNally, Duquesne University 

  6. Parent-Professional Partnership    
    Emily Dow, Texas Christian University
    Spencer Evans, Texas Christian University
    Aesha John, PhD, Texas Christian University  

  7. Exploring Predictors of Transition Planning Participation and Future Goal Aspirations of Secondary Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
    David Johnson, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Minnesota 
    Yi Chen Wu, PhD, University of Minnesota  

  8. An Analysis of States’ Pre-Employment Transition Services Policies 
    Sarah Carlson, University of Kansas

  9. Children with Disabilities in Zambia: A Workforce Development Project 
    Renee Hepperlen, PhD, St. Catherine University 
    Paula Rabaey, PhD, St. Catherine University  
    Mary Hearst, PhD, St. Catherine University
    Jennifer Miller, PhD, St. Catherine University 
    Donna DeGracia, MPAS, St. Catherine University   

  10. Transitioning Youth with Disabilities and Employment: Developing an Online Interactive Intervention 
    Rachelle Hole, PhD, University of British Columbia
    Steven Barnes,  PhD, University of British Columbia
    Leyton Schnellert, PhD, University of British Columbia 
    Nathan Ngieng, MEd, Abbotsford School District #34

  11. Effects of a Career Development Intervention for Young Adults with Autism 
    Evan Dean, PhD, University of Kansas Medical Center      

  12. Adults with ID: Employment Outcomes After College  
    Erica Kaldenberg, PhD, University of Iowa 
    Lauren Bruno, PhD, University of Iowa   

  13. Building Skills and Confidence: Effects of Soft Skills and Employment Readiness Skills Training for Youth with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 
    Blair Dammerman, MA, Michigan State University
    Kristin E. Houck, MS, Michigan State University

  14. Effects of a Self-Advocacy Intervention on Requesting Academic Accommodations for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Post-Secondary Education
    Katherine Brendli, MEd, Virginia Commonwealth University