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Post Conference Sessions

Wednesday, June  28, 2017 
 Complimentary Post Con Sessions

4:00 - 6:00 pm

Writing for Publication
(approved for 2 NASW Social Work and 2 APA CE Units)

The session addresses what professionals in the field need to know about how to be published in a scholarly journal: the elements of a research report needed for journal publication; the types of research and other articles published by the three AAIDD journals; how to determine which journal is the best fit for your work; and the policies and processes involved in publication in scholarly journals in both print and electronic formats. 


4:00 - 6:00 pm

Using Supports Budgets to Manage Sustainability in IDD Support Systems in an Uncertain Future
(approved for 2 NASW Social Work)

Throughout the USA and Canada IDD support systems are faced with ever-increasing demand for supports and services, but with finite resources available to fund such services. Policy makers are increasingly seeking system solutions that help individuals access needed supports and services, but that also improve long-term financial sustainability. While doing so, they also seek to promote other policy objectives such as expanding services to all or most who need them, providing a flexible and sufficient array of supports so that individuals can remain living home with families, developing singular solutions for multiple service populations (e.g., IDD, seniors, mental health), and curbing costs through involvement with managed care. Finally, new generations of service recipients seek supports that emphasize self-direction and inclusion. In the face of an uncertain political landscape, continuing business as usual is not an option. Change imposes choice –in this case to seize the opportunity to move the system forward. This presentation will offer information, experiences and lessons learned from work to restructure IDD support systems across several jurisdictions in the USA and Canada. This work most commonly involves use of assessment, notably using the Support Intensity Scale, to help set personal supports budges for service recipients.  Overall, presenters will offer recommendations regarding how policy makers can manage sustainability while also further the aims of systems that are responsive to the support needs and preferences of current and future generations of service recipients. This session will be relevant to the practice of Social Workers who work with people with IDD and their families.

Thursday, June 29, 2017 
additional fee required: $30

9:00 am - 12:00 noon
Religion & Spirituality Division Forum

Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) and supporting a person’s faith and spiritual desires

Deborah Fisher will present her work around HCBS and supporting the faith and spiritual needs and desires of persons with IDD.  She will help us understand the regulations as well as the importance of accessing a person’s spiritual preferences not simply to meet regulatory compliance, but from a posture of promoting integrated, meaningful and self-directed life experiences.  The presentation will address her work with providers, faith communities, families and most importantly, individuals with disabilities.

Following her presentation, she will lead us in a discussion to help move us beyond theory to practice.  We will explore together what tools, resources and research may yet need to be done, and how the Division of Religion and Spirituality might support that development.