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President and CEO

Company: NYSID
Location: Albany, NY



President and CEO

Albany, New York



NYSID is a membership organization that negotiates and secures  contracts for products and services provided by New Yorkers with disabilities. NYSID’s members are the non-profit rehabilitation and vocational centers across the state that provide support services to people with disabilities, one of those supports being employment. Under the Preferred Source Program, created more than 40 years ago to advance the social and economic goals of empowering individuals with disabilities through employment, NYSID enters into contracts for certain products and services which its members then either make or perform.

The program requires all New York state agencies, political subdivisions and most public authorities to purchase identified products and services approved by the New York State Procurement Council and set forth on the Office of General Services’ Preferred Source List. Its enabling legislation directed the NYS Education Department to name a single nonprofit agency to facilitate the fulfillment of government procurement needs though this program.  NYSID is proud to be that designated organization for workers with disabilities.  Over time, the program has grown in size and scope to become a premiere employment vehicle and a strong economic contributor in New York.

The Preferred Source Program reflects New York’s “Employment First” initiative which is to ensure that every individual regardless of ability, has the opportunity for economic stability and a brighter future. 

Being part of the NYSID network enables its member agencies (122 nonprofit disability member agencies and 42 private sector corporate partners) to focus on their core business of working directly with their disability clients while NYSID assumes many of the business functions of the procurement process. In 2017, NYSID’s impact through its members agencies and corporate partners enabled nearly 7000 individuals with disabilties to have meaningful jobs. Meanwhile, those 7000 jobs resulted in 4.3 million hours worked, over $65M in earned wages with a $15.25 average hourly wage for those clients. 

Based in Albany, NYSID has a staff of 73 and annual revenue of $233M. For more information about NYSID, please visit www.nysid.org


The President and CEO serves as the chief professional officer of the organization and reports directly to the Board of Directors.  S/he, in concert with the Board, is responsible for “charting the course” of NYSID and providing the vision, leadership, and broad executive management necessary to fulfill its mission and achieve the long-term strategic objectives of the corporation.

With an accomplished and dedicated staff in place, it is expected that the President and CEO will play an extremely externally-focused role in further developing NYSID’s reputation and interaction with government oversight agencies, elected and appointed leaders, corporate partners and member agencies.  The CEO will be tasked with developing and executing a government relations strategy that leverages its wide array of resources throughout the state of New York toward NYSID’s vision to be the premiere job creation entity for individuals with disabilities.

As part of its new strategic plan, the President and CEO will be actively engaged in uncovering new markets and devising new NYSID programs that ultimately address the underemployment of individuals with disabilities.  The CEO will also serve as a driver of business development opportunities for its members.

In addition, the President and Chief Executive Officer is responsible for seeing that NYSID fulfills its statutory “facilitator” function in the development, distribution and management of contracts and orders for services and commodities which provide employment for people with disabilities, including compliance with applicable policies, regulations, and administrative procedures.

The President and CEO is responsible for the direction and management of all departments of NYSID, for insuring the fiscal integrity of NYSID, and for insuring that the dual advocacy and performance role of NYSID is properly implemented from the standpoint of people with disabilities, member agencies, customers, state oversight agencies, elected officials, and the public.

This search is now underway as Ronald Romano, who has been with the organization since 1997 and CEO since 2010, will retire at the end of 2018. 



  • Develops and recommends to the Board of Directors the broad concepts, strategy, and planning necessary for the attainment of NYSID’s mission, vision, and long-range strategic objectives.
  • Prepares and reviews the NYSID overall strategic plan with the Board.Implements the Strategic Plan on a continuing basis, including setting and revising annual plans and goals with the Board of Directors.Reports to the Board periodically on progress toward Strategic Plan objectives.


  • Establishes and maintains an active and visible “presence” in state government circles and serves as the principal voice and chief spokesperson of NYSID on governmental policy and legislative matters that may impact the purpose and mission of NYSID.Maintains an active presence with the NYS Procurement Council or with its members and related groups.
  • Sees to the development and maintenance of programs and systems to ensure that state government officials are aware of the benefits and requirements of the Preferred Source law.Maintains a professional and effective working relationship with senior state purchasing and oversight officials and legislators.Directs the overall NYSID government and public relations programs, including NYSID participation on various committees and organizations that relate to the services provided by NYSID and contribute to effective relationships with the government and business communities, including disability policy and advocacy groups.
  • Participates in national and international organizations, and attends conferences and seminars to assure NYSID representation and to stay abreast of current developments affecting the interests of NYSID, including disability and employment policy, Preferred Source/State Use programs and legislation at the national and state levels.
  • Guides NYSID to take a proactive role in exploring new markets and areas of business development opportunities with members and corporate partners.


  • Assures the development of an effective organizational structure and the establishment of effective management and coordination among NYSID departments and personnel.Sees that essential organizational design and planning activities and recommendations are implemented and maintained.Sees to the effective interaction and relationships among the senior management team through the fostering of a climate of open communications, team building, and individual initiative.
  • Sees to the training, growth, development, and evaluation of senior management staff and other directly reporting personnel through regular meetings, coaching, goal setting, continuing educational and professional development activities, and formal performance reviews.
  • Insures that all human resource programs and policies are consistent with the overall NYSID mission, are sufficiently effective, diverse, and fair so as to attract and retain highly qualified staff to perform position responsibilities, fulfill the NYSID mission, and meet strategic objectives.


  • Oversees the continuous development of the NYSID “facilitator” function by seeing that information, technical assistance, service, and support is provided to all member agencies throughout the contract development, application, negotiation, award, and fulfillment processes.
  • Sees to the implementation and maintenance of training, technical and financial assistance, quality management, and compliance programs to ensure that members perform contracts in a responsible and business-like manner.Sees that the key NYSID intermediary role between member agency (supplier) and government agency (customer) is effectively performed.Acts as an advocate for member agencies.Sees to the timely resolution of complaints stemming from either member or customer agencies.
  • Sees that informational programs are developed and implemented that inform present and prospective member agencies of the services and benefits of NYSID membership.Provides education and training for members about the Preferred Source Program and member requirements.


  • Provides the necessary management to ensure that all NYSID internal operations are carried out according to sound management procedures, policies, and programs, and in a manner consistent with the State Finance Law and other applicable statutes, regulations, executive orders, etc.
  • Sees to the overall survival and growth of NYSID by insuring that plans and programs are in place for the retention of current business, growth of new business, increased employment of people with disabilities, and for growth in member agencies and customers.
  • Sees to the implementation of operational improvements, including information technology systems and other efficiencies that provide value added benefits to NYSID, member agencies, and customers.
  • Sees that programs and personnel are in place to develop and effectively use marketing communications materials, public relations information, newsletters, bulletins, catalogs, and the NYSID annual report.


  • Establishes and supports the overall staff/Board relationship, acting as the liaison between NYSID management and staff and the NYSID Board of Directors.
  • In concert with the Executive and Nominating Committees, recruits, orients and communicates with individual Board members.Sees to it that the Board fairly represents all segments of the membership, including geographic, demographic and business distribution considerations.Maintains diversity among Board members reflecting the composition of the overall member agency executive leadership.
  • Establishes and maintains good governance policies and procedures, including Board responsibilities as part of the organization’s overall Compliance Plan.
  • Interacts with the Board of Directors and ensures the presentation by senior staff of management and financial reports and information to enable the Board to monitor NYSID progress, stay abreast of changes in laws and political trends, and to make policy decisions accordingly.Prepares, in concert with the Board, and implements succession plans for both NYSID management and the Board of Directors.


  • Oversees the financial and related operational management functions, including distribution, accounting, technical assistance and quality management, member compliance, investment policy, contract administration and collections.Works with the Board to ensure the overall financial strength of NYSID.Directs the development of adequate measures to monitor and track NYSID fiscal performance.Sees to the preservation and growth of NYSID assets through monitoring of the financial function, investments, sales, revenues, forecasting, audits, reviews, procedures and programs governing NYSID expenditures.Monitors, reviews and responds to reports prepared by accountants and auditors.
  • Oversees the NYSID budget preparation and financial reporting processes.Insures that each department develops and submits operating budgets and forecasts.Reviews and submits to the Board the annual NYSID operating budget, proposed capital expenditure plan, and recommended changes to the corporation’s investment polices.


  • Knowledge of and experience in working with state and local government and the political process.Public relations knowledge and political acumen are essential.
  • Understanding of business management practices including but not limited to strategic planning, board governance, finance, budgeting, policy formulation, decision making, information technology, and human resources.
  • Ability to interact with a variety of audiences , including board members, senior staff at member agencies, state and local government agency officials, elected officials, the media, and other parties.
  • Significant prior experience in senior management of a comparable organization.Experience in not-for-profit institutions desirable.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, including innovation, motivation, strategic thinking, and vision.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including motivational leadership, public speaking, conflict resolution, consensus building, problem solving, conceptual thinking, and high-level analysis.
  • Undergraduate degree in business, public policy or a similar field required. Graduate degree in a related field strongly preferred.

This position description is based upon material provided by NYSID, an equal opportunity employer.


David Hinsley Cheng, Partner

Tani Weissman, Associate


To apply to this position please visit www.DRGsearch.com