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Day Support Assistant Manager

Company: WorkSource Enterprises
Location: Charlottesville, VA

Job Title:             Day Support Assistant Manager

Department:         Day Support

Reports To:          Day Support Manager

Staff Size:            Five direct report            

Last Updated:       June 23, 2017

Status & Salary:    Non-exempt; salary based on related experience & skills.


Serves as an assistant manager a day support program for adults with intellectual disabilities that is licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. He/she coordinates the day to day operations of the Day Support program. The Day Support Assistant Manager is responsible for the direct supervision and evaluation of the Day Support Specialists. The Day Support Assistant Manager must maintain safe conditions for the participants and provide general client care and supervision.  In addition, he/she is expected to implement training and behavior programs for each participant and document, as appropriate.


  1. Provide staff supervision to include: coordination with recruitment and hiring and training of new staff, overall supervision and evaluating day support staff. The Day Support Assistant Manager is also responsible for assisting staff in solving problems and providing daily programmatic direction and leadership 
  2. Supervises staff to ensure the implementation and documentation of programming. Performs weekly records audits to ensure documentation is complete and meets compliance standards.
  3. Coordinates Day Support activities and client scheduling to ensure effect implementation of educational, behavioral and recreation programs. Purchases, upon approval of Day Support Manager, supplies needed for these activities. 
  4. Coordinates and oversees staffing schedules and assigned duties. Updating and revising schedule as needed per the needs of the clients.
  5. Directly implement the individual services plans for participants in a centered-based day program.  Provide training in social, behavioral, personal care, communication, leisure/recreation and community living skills. 
  6. Assist in the development of comprehensive, individualized service plans, as well as weekly and monthly evaluations of all plans.
  7. Attend team meetings to discuss and coordinate participants’ needs and services.
  8. Plan and supervise learning and recreational activities for the participants in the day program.  Provide transportation for participants to and from all recreational activities scheduled during regular program time.
  9. Acquire and maintain valid certification in CPR, first aid, medication administration, behavior management, crisis intervention and defensive driving, in order to ensure the safety of participants.
  10. Assist, supervise, and/or train participants in personal care skills (i.e., toileting, teeth brushing, topical medications, hygiene and nutrition), as needed.
  11. Administer and document medication administration.
  12. Contact families, advocates and other service providers to coordinate programming and/or disseminate information.
  13. Other duties as assigned.


  1. A valid Virginia driver’s license and an acceptable driving record from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles are required. 
  2. A degree in human services, plus two years related experience is preferred.  The incumbent must be physically able to respond to and manage aggressive behaviors of clients. 
  3. In addition, the incumbent needs to possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities.   

Knowledge of:

a.   Characteristics of intellectual disabilities (formerly known as “mental retardation”), autism and cerebral palsy;
b.   first aid; CPR; medication management; and emergency procedures;
c.   counseling techniques with verbal and non-verbal persons,
d.   teaching techniques, prompting, breaking down information, chaining steps and documentation of different skills;
e.   procedures for prevention, diffusing and managing aggression; and
f.    services available in the community for resources and back-up emergencies.    

Skills in:

a.   Systematic implementation of a wide range of behavioral programs and instructional formats, including the use of assistive technology;
b.   counseling persons with intellectual disabilities, including those who are non-verbal and those with significant cognitive impairments;
c.   recognizing and responding to medical emergencies;
d.   written and oral communication of information to staff regarding participants’ needs;
e.   accurately describe/record data and observations;
f.    use non-aversive techniques to manage behavioral problems; and
g.   must have strong written and oral communication skills.

 Abilities to:

a.   Make sound and safe decisions regarding behavior management, health needs, and emergencies;
b.   analyzes needs of non-verbal participants and respond appropriately;
c.   conduct personal, community and recreational skills training programs following systems of least prompts, chaining and a variety of reinforcement schedules;
d.   de-escalate and manage aggressive persons; and
e.   drive defensively.

Please send cover letter and resume to hr@worksourceva.org.

WorkSource is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action Employer