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Chief Operating Officer (Pathfinder Services)

Company: Pathfinder Services
Location: Huntington, Indiana

Position Profile

Chief Operating Officer
Pathfinder Services, Inc.

Pathfinder Services, Inc. (Pathfinder) seeks an exceptional Chief Operating Officer (COO) with a commitment to serving people facing physical, developmental, and/or economic challenges. This seasoned executive will care deeply about giving to and serving others, and have passion and experience in implementing a management system in a multi-divisional, complex organization that generates high quality customer service, divisional collaboration, and profitable outcomes. S/he will have well-honed business acumen and experience building inventive, streamlined operations. Key attributes will include being innovative and compassionate while operating with high moral integrity.

Mission and Vision

Pathfinder Services envisions communities in which all people are valued and accepted and have control over their own destinies. Pathfinder carries out its mission by strengthening communities by enabling people facing physical, developmental, or economic challenges to achieve independence, inclusion, and stability.

The Organization

Pathfinder Services was founded in 1966 as the Huntington Association for Mentally Retarded Children to meet the needs of children and adults with enduring physical and intellectual disabilities in Huntington, Indiana. We have since grown into a $20 million dollar comprehensive human and community development organization offering services in education, employment, affordable housing, and community integration that enhance self-reliance and inclusion of people in the community where they live. What makes our organization unique is that we combine human services with community development planning to raise the quality of life of the community. We serve over 4000 people, primarily in Northeast Indiana, through the caring hands of more than 475 employees and over 200 volunteers.  

Pathfinder’s mission is advanced through the following services:

  • Pathfinder Community Supports: The supports began impacting the quality of clients’ lives in 1966. These services provide 300 residents in 5 counties in Indiana with group homes, supported independent living, community integration/day services including pre-vocational and activity based, respite care, family caregiver supports, personal assistance and care, client transportation, teen programs, and person-centered planning.
  • Pathfinder Kids Kampus including Early Head Start (EHS): Created in 1990, Kids Kampus provides an integrated early education and child development center for all children in Huntington County. The early education division engages in partnerships to provide support to families, and focuses on the whole child, serving 300 children in 2016 through EHS, licensed child care, before- and after-school care, pre-school including the On My Way Pre-K services, access to a licensed nurse for sick care and other medical needs of children, and family health education. Collaborative efforts and resources are shared with other community human services agencies throughout Huntington County.
  • Early Head Start (EHS): EHS is a federally funded program that provides family focused early intervention and free child care for 76 income eligible children, ages 0-3, in Huntington County at any given time. EHS welcomes all children, including those with disabilities. Working closely with First Steps, EHS identifies, assesses, and provides services to children of all ability levels.
  • Pathfinder Resource Connection: Resource Connection, the employment division, began in 1987 and specializes in assisting people with disabilities, and others, in finding and retaining employment. Specific assistance is provided to job seekers, and additional training, as needed, is provided once the individual is hired.
  • Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing: Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing partners with companies both regionally and nationally to provide specialty solutions. The department’s capabilities include skin packing, die cutting, bag sealing, vinyl heat sealing, riveting, paper cutting and folding subassembly, light manufacturing, and product fulfillment. For people with varying abilities, this service enables workforces to maximize their productivity through innovative fixtures, templates, machinery, proofing, skill development, and high standard quality control, meeting ISO standards. Commercial customers benefit from this through consistent quality products, just in time delivery, and cost savings.
  • Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center: Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center, the community development division, was created in 1997. Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center provides comprehensive services to prospective homebuyers including: homebuyer education and counseling, financial coaching, loan packaging and loan brokering. Pathfinder HomeOwnership Center focuses on developing Indiana residents into sustainable home owners.
  • Amramp: Pathfinder Services owns two Amramp franchise locations covering the lion’s share of Indiana. With a long history of building and installing wheelchair ramps, Amramp is providing accessibility products for people struggling with accessibility barriers. Amramp’s products help clients improve the quality of their lives, maintain their independence, and preserve their dignity while safely aging in place. A dedicated staff of caring individuals are experts in providing safe accessibility solutions. Amramp steel ramp systems help people get in and out of their homes for doctor appointments, weddings, graduations, holidays, vacations and other special events. The ramps can be rented or purchased.

Headquartered in Huntington, IN, Pathfinder has an operating budget of $20 million and a staff of 475.

Strategic Priorities

Pathfinder’s drive for long term relevance, impact, and sustainability is guided by the following set of strategic priorities:

  • Shape its programs and services in response to emerging needs among the population it serves envisioned to be integrated services, wealth and asset creation, aging in place, talent development, and health and wellness.
  • Create greater program-level alignment with its business core by ensuring that programs and services are centric to the organizational mission to reduce operating complexity.
  • Continuously create a wage and benefit structure and work environment that allows it to be competitive in attracting and retaining quality staff.
  • Assure that human and financial resources are available and prioritized to achieve those program and service outcomes that provide the greatest mission impact.
  • Growing financial sustainability.

Find out more about Pathfinder Services at https://pathfinderservices.org/.

The Position

The newly created position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) reports to the President/ Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In partnership with the CEO, s/he will foster a culture of premier customer service, communication, and collaboration by overseeing and managing the overall processes and personnel of the operational functions of the organization, which includes development and marketing functions. S/he will directly supervise 4 Divisional Managers, including the Senior Director of Community Supports, Senior Director of Business Development, Director of Home Ownership Center, and Director of Development.

Key Responsibilities

The COO is expected to:

  • Partner with the CEO in developing strategic, financial, and business plans
  • Execute initiatives of the organization’s strategic plan
  • Lead Pathfinder in establishing, implementing, and monitoring all strategies regarding the activities and outcomes of all departments under his/her purview
  • Work closely with the CEO to monitor the departments’ goal achievement
  • Continuously evaluate organizational performance through analyzing and interpreting external and internal business trends, data and metrics, and make recommendations to the CEO for business model changes
  • Utilizing knowledge gained from analyzing external industry and business trends, evaluate both community and customer needs and wants to determine new or expanding service and community initiatives for Pathfinder Services to undertake
  • Model and lead Pathfinder’s commitment to courteous, professional service to internal and external customers
  • Advance a situational leadership style with transformational leadership expertise
  • Streamline operations, and ensure that all team members are looking for ways to systematize the business to increase efficiency and business profitability
  • Provide servant leadership to senior leaders and their teams that encourages dedication, maximum performance, and retention of talented employees
  • Ensure the organization continues to meet all federal, state, and other agency requirements related to the delivery of services to the Pathfinder population
  • Ensure the organization meets all funding requirements, including federal, state, grant, or individual donor-restricted funding
  • Participate in community events and opportunities as requested to promote Pathfinder Services
  • Create and foster effective, lasting relationships with community and business partners/vendors


Leadership Outlook and Near-Term Priorities, Measures of Success

In addition to quickly understanding the mission, complex business model, and the comprehensive community development approach of Pathfinder Services, the new COO will advance the following near-term priorities during the first 6-12 months (not in priority order):

  • Develop trust and working relationships with staff, clients, families, customers  and others in the community, and understand current programs and the needs of the constituencies
  • Determine if the operational goals and strategies are aligned to produce the outcomes in the corporation’s Vision and Strategic Plan while ensuring the financial health of the organization
  • Evaluate the current business and financial models and make recommendations to the CEO for stabilizing and growing the organization
  • Assess the effectiveness of management systems throughout the organization and make recommendations to the CEO for any changes that enable better and more efficient management of its complex operations while producing greater accountability and results  

Experience and Attributes

The successful candidate will possess:

  • The ability to inspire higher performance and engagement in fulfilled employees
  • Strong leadership with exceptional management skills, a team building approach and a willingness to create transformative change
  • Experience in and understanding of organizational development, and problem solving in a rapidly changing, complex environment
  • Demonstrated competency and experience in organizational management, culture, strategy, supervision and leadership
  • Emotional intelligence to maintain a culture of passionate service
  • Entrepreneurial expertise with an understanding of nonprofit and for-profit business
  • Business acumen and experience with administrative and fiscal management
  • Financial reporting capabilities which include interpreting financial statements, budgeting, and cash management
  • Experience in HR frameworks, financial management, marketing, and operations
  • Strong general IT infrastructure knowledge
  • Strong human capital management knowledge
  • Related compliance knowledge
  • Strong communication and public presentation skills
  • At least 5 years’ management experience in a comparable organization
  • 5 to 10 years of business management experience across a range of business disciplines, preferably in human service delivery to persons with disabilities and/or comprehensive community development
  • Bachelor’s Degree in a business-related discipline, MBA preferred


Huntington, Indiana is located approximately 20 miles southwest of Fort Wayne, Indiana and is NE Indiana's second largest city after Fort Wayne. Huntington is known as the "Lime City." The Wabash and Erie Canal was constructed through the county in 1834 and added a major economic benefit to the area, and the Wabash River cuts through the area.

It is the home of Huntington University, the Dan Quayle Vice President's Museum and the Forks of the Wabash River. Huntington, Indiana is a great place to live and work, has a good school system, and a Top 100 Hospital associated with Parkview Health Systems in Fort Wayne.

Salary will be commensurate with experience and includes a benefits package.

Application Process

To apply, e-mail resume, cover letter and salary requirements to: Pathfinder@raffa.com (e-mail applications are required).

For other inquiries contact:
Taney Hamill, Senior Consultant
Raffa PC, 1899 L Street, NW, 8th Floor 
Washington, DC 20036 


Pathfinder Services, Inc. is committed to equal employment opportunity. Resume reviews begin immediately.