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Action Plans


The Board of Directors develops a strategic plan for the Association on an annual basis and requires all active professional interest groups submit a proposed action plan and progress report for approval each year.

Proposals for New Professional Interest Groups

Any AAIDD member or group of members can submit an Action Plan Proposal to create a new professional interest group by using the forms that appear on this web site.

The Board of Directors encourages Action Plan Proposals address timely, relevant issues in the field and/or the unique needs of the Association. Particularly encouraged are proposals that result in useful information, services, products, or tools. The Action Plan Proposal forms include a purpose statement, brief description, contact person(s), funding requirements, and anticipated outcomes with timeframes. The application should be submitted directly to the Board of Directors through the national office.

Upon Board approval, members who submitted the Action Plan will be authorized to further organize the initiative and involve other interested individuals. Each Action Plan group is expected provide a mechanism for other interested parties to become involved and work collaboratively on the issues, services or products. The AAIDD Board of Directors will provide project oversight and an Annual Progress Report is required.


Annual Progress Reports


All Divisions, Special Interest Groups, and Action Networks must submit an annual progress report and proposed action plan for the following year to remain in good standing.




Action Plan Submission Form

Annual Progress Report

Action Plan Process Flow Chart